Congratulations Declan & Myra!

Congratulations Declan & Myra!

Declan & Myra Quigley receiving their weekend getaway prize from Burke Oil Managing Director Vincent Kirrane.

Congratulations to Declan & Myra Quigley, winners of our Best Holiday Moment competition.

Want to see what the winning entry looked like?? Check it out below…

“During 2000 my wife and I were on holidays in Borneo and we decided to take a trip into the jungle to stay overnight with a family of native ‘head hunters’. We traveled from Kuching up-river in a very wobbly dug-out canoe into the interior and after about 3 hours we finally arrived at an equally rickety traditional long-house where we were met by our rather fierce-looking but friendly hosts.

After presenting our gifts to the Chief, we were invited to sit down on the bamboo floor for the family dinner (roast wild pig, snake fillets, fish, and some very strong home-brew).

Although the walls were decked with what appeared to be human skulls, we soon felt unusually relaxed and were made feel ‘at home’ (albeit without Burke’s central heating oil).

Not being used to the cacophony of strange jungle sounds, and a little on edge about ‘keeping our heads’, we arose after a rather sleepless night to discover that our 5-star hotel was just over the next hill.

We had just being going around in circles the previous day in that dug-out canoe!”